ScrapbasketNOTICE:  For my non-sewing friends, a “scrap basket” is not the same as a “file 13”.  No junk mail here, no out-of-date catalogs, no never-gonna-happen recipes, no SCRAPS here.  Okay?

My real scrap basket is a big plastic tub.  But to me?  It’s a treasure box!

Rummage around . . . there’s a nice length of grosgrain ribbon in a beautiful shade of turqoise.  I see an oversize button that has never been the right shade of lime green . . . bits of eyelet, and rickrack (surprise) and lace and armholes.  Yes, armholes!   After 368 pillowcase dresses I have accumulated a stash of matching crescent shaped pairs of fabric that were cut away to allow for armholes.  And though I have never been called a hoarder (my grown sons call me “the deletist”) I keep all these scraps because well, you just never ever know, right?   Fellow dressmakers will “get” this, I promise.

As for this page on my blog?  I’d like to keep that image in mind – a treasure chest of odds and ends that just hold the perfect thing on any given day.  You are welcome to visit here again and again.  Who knows what we’ll find!  And seriously, I welcome your contributions to the Scrap Basket – right here!  Contact me via FaceBook or email or best of all, in a comment on this blog.   Thanks in advance.

Wait.  Need some ideas?  Okay, I’ll go first . . .

My hero, Fred Rogers.For so many reasons, Fred Rogers is one of my biggest heroes.  As a young mom trying to get dinner on the table with two wiggly, hungry pre-schoolers underfoot – it was a blessing to send my boys to Mr. Rogers’ safe, creative, calm and happy Neighborhood of Make-Believe.  I love looking at his smiling face and reading his profoundly simple quote in this photo.  It’s tacked to the memo board above my sewing machine.  Now that is Comfort, Y’all.

Two Beauties! Miraj, India, 2014. Photo by Kim Hall of Compassion International.


How about some Joy, then?   Look. At. Their. Faces.  I plan to write a post very soon about the truly incredible story of these children and so many other boys and girls in this part of India. . . ’til then?  Just look.  And say a prayer for these precious daughters of God.  I’m so delighted to have been able to give them something as simple as a “littledress” of their very own.  Humbling.

Scrap Baskets are never completely full, you know.  Please feel free to add your photos, sewing tips, inspirational quotes, funny links, helpful articles or posts . . . if YOU think it’s great, I’m sure we’d all love it, too.

Comfort and Joy, Y’all,



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  1. “Scrap Basket” reminds me that the things we sometimes throw away can be made into something beautiful. That includes people.Just a little creativity and love can go a long way in making something or someone into a useful and cherished creation. Just like someone feeling cherished and loved can grow into God’s purpose and a life well lived. That’s the power of love.


    • Truth, Gigi . . . it’s called re-purposing now, but our grandmothers called it being frugal. Thanks for your thoughtful words here and more importantly, for your beautiful dresses! If I can ever figure out what I’m really doing with this blog stuff, I’d love to share some photos of your creations . . . stay tuned;-) Love, Cindy


  2. Congratulations on your new website, Cindy. This is going to be a good one! I also have a big Baggie full of armhole leavings. I almost tossed them, but I had a feeling that someday they would be useful. Now I know where they will go. I am learning to make quilts, and all of these little pieces will tell a story, my little dresses one!

    How often in life do we want to throw away an experience because it seems worthless at the time? Every little scrap of life we gather is worth something, even if we don’t realize it until later. It all goes into a beautiful quilt called Life!


    • Dear Dawn, I love what you say here so much . . . because it’s so well-written and it’s true! “Every little scrap of life is worth something . . .” thank you for the beautiful image of a “quilt called Life!” And if anybody could figure out a way to make one of those with armhole scraps, it’d be YOU:-) Love and thanks, Cindy


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