Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Who doesn’t love a pocket?  It didn’t occur to me until about 100 “littledresses” into this adventure, but after seeing so many happy pockets in friends’ photos, I had to give it a try.  Now, as I near my 400th dress, I can tell you that EVERY dress I make has a pocket!  And here’s why . . .

Consider one beautiful, smart, dreamy-eyed girl in a desperately poor place.  Maybe she has shoes.  Maybe not.  If she’s lucky enough to attend school, it is run by people who love all their students and do incredible work with the meager tools and materials they have.   She might have a uniform, but she has never owned a dress of her own.  A soft, cool, cotton dress with bright colors and curious designs on the fabric is something she can’t imagine.  A “littledress” made just for her, with pretty trims and ribbons and a pocket will be a mystery when it’s first placed in her hands.  What is a pocket? she might wonder.  She’ll quickly learn that it’s something that belongs to her.  It’s a sacred little spot to tuck her big dreams, her tiny treasures, her secrets and her sweet, tender hands.  To her, a pocket is JOY.

My mother, Snookie, was a Cajun girl.  Her side of my family tree bloomed rich and full of  Southeast Texas and Louisiana Cajuns.   A word I’ve always loved from my French-Acadian ancestry is “lagniappe”.  It literally means “a little something extra” and originated from the tradition of a baker or cook giving a customer an extra beignet or cup of rice for his gumbo.  I associate ‘lagniappe” with “joy” and “abundance” and “extravagance”.  It’s not a grand gesture.  Just a generous and thoughtful and happy little gift to brighten someone’s day.

Polka Pocket

Polka Pocket

And that’s why I add pockets to my “littledresses”.  Not because they are absolutely necessary to clothe a needy child, but because everybody deserves a little lagniappe in their life.

P.S.  They’re easy and fun to make, too . . . so there’s some JOY for me, too.

Comfort and Joy, Y’all –


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  1. Cindy, I LOVE your blog!! You are such a good writer! How can one person be SO stinkin’ talented in so many areas!! You are truly blessed, but the best part is the way you use all of your talents for good and give them to the Lord!! You just bless the heck out of me!!!


  2. Cindy, I must get in touch with you! I live in Franklin and I am interested in sewing dresses for Africa. Before I begin, I know you could give me so much advice on buying fabric etc. I have looked at your FB page, and was surprised to see we have so much in common. We both are from Southeast Texas. I grew up in Beaumont. I don’t want to post my phone number on this public place. If I send you a friend request on Facebook, will you please accept?

    Love the whole concept of LDFA and have lots of sewing friends who would be interested in contributing.

    Janet Christ


    • Janet, your enthusiasm was JUST what I needed today! I can promise you will fall in love with sewing for Little Dresses for Africa . . . it’s the best model for pure giving I’ve encountered. The real deal in every way . . . we’ll talk very soon! Thanks so much for commenting on my little blog out here in cyberspace, I appreciate it, Cindy


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